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Basic introduction to skins, knives, and the CS:GO skin economy.

I typed all of this out to explain to someone, and figured it might be a nice idea to share with the general public.

There are several different grades of skins (in order of rarity)
White (Common) - Consumer grade
Light blue (Uncommon) - Industrial grade
Darker blue (Rare) - Mil-spec
Purple (Mythical) - Restricted
Pinkish purple (Legendary) - Classified
Red (Ancient) - Covert

After matches, there is a chance to drop either a crate or a skin

A skin that drops after a match will be of a random map collection, and the tier will be White through Purple. (only exceptions are SCAR-20 | Splash Jam of the Militia collection and P250 | Franklin of the Bank collection, which are are Pink-tier)

If you unbox a crate, the tier will be Darker Blue (mil-spec) through Red (covert). 

Generally, the more rare an item is, the more it will be worth. However there are exceptions, like if a skin is more used. This is why M4, AK, AWP, and Glock skins generally are more expensive than other skins on the market.

An examp…